Morocco Earthquake


Our thoughts and prayers are with our brothers and sisters in Morocco at this terrifying and difficult time.  Morocco’s many friends abroad are eager to help. Verus staff have experienced several earthquakes and can appreciate the trauma this has and is causing.

We hope that practical help can find its way quickly to the remote parts of the High Atlas where the need is most pressing.  Food and water is an immediate need, with shelter and reconstruction required in the medium and longer term.

It can be unclear how practical help can be brought to bear. Active since 2002, local charity the Banque Alimentaire, is a trusted starting point:

The British Red Cross has a donations page:

The Moroccan Government has also established an official account at Bank Al-Maghrib, details here:

The UK and Morocco have a long history of friendly relations over several hundred years. We look forward to the contribution that the UK can offer to help Morocco rebuild.