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Verus Partners specialises in offering the highest quality, tailored and independent financial advice in a small number of high value, challenging and complex situations.

The firm’s practice focuses on a number of key areas.  These include serving the unique needs of clients who seek limited-recourse debt for large scale infrastructure projects, those who take part in competitive tenders for greenfield projects, advising government authorities procuring critical infrastructure through competitive tender processes; and assisting sovereigns and government related entities to develop and implement strategic financing activities.

The firm’s aim is to optimise financing structures for each unique situation, manage execution risk, and assist our clients in achieving superior terms from credit providers and investors. Our people pride themselves on the excellence of our project delivery capability, quality of service, in-depth technical and modelling expertise; and innovative and unconventional approach to problem solving.

We have an exceptional depth of expertise across industry sectors and geographies. Our Partners are recognised leaders in their fields.

Our client relationships are built and carefully maintained on trust, discretion and dedication. We combine in-depth industry expertise with market leading advisory skills – delivered within a highly confidential environment that is free from conflicts of interest.

Verus Partners’ advisory practice is distinguished by the full involvement of one of our Partners on each assignment, our superior track record and knowledge of Middle East, Europe and Africa markets; and shrewd judgment in complex situations built upon decades of experience from its Partners.

Alongside our work with sovereigns and government-related entities, our industrial sectors of specialisation include:

  • Power: conventional and renewable power generation and related infrastructure
  • Mid- and Downstream Energy including refineries, petrochemicals, LNG
  • Natural Resources: metals & mining, and hydrocarbon-based projects
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation Infrastructure

Verus Partners work globally with some of the world’s largest industrial and infrastructural corporations to ensure mutual and beneficial financial transactions happen.